Cem3340 clone

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cem3340 clone

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CEM3340 VCO Rev.G

Register Login. Obviously demand would probably never justify resurrecting the artwork and tooling to reproduce the original silicon, but I'm wondering if pin-compatible hybrids could be fabricated with SMD technology? The sonic character of some of those chips would be great for some ideas I have rattled around for a while, including some bits I prototyped back in the 80s.

Yeah, I let the magic smoke out of my share of Curtis chips when they were plentiful. I couldn't in conscience use real CEMs for new stuff. Perhaps having some pin-compatible clones--even if they needed a couple stacked SMD cards to keep close to the original form factor--would enable some of those old scavenged warhorses like OB8s come back to life.

Curtis Member Australia Posts: No relation I'm not aware of any single-chip or pin-compatable plugin modules that would sub for those IC's, but over at Electric Druid there are PIC-based lookalikes for the CEM envelope generator. The amount of support circuitry required to get the envelope out of the chip 20MHz crystal, dual opamp, handfull of resistors and caps probably prevents the full thing being small enough to drop in place of the real deal, but it does get the DIY thoughts a-buzzin'.

This page supposedly describes a temperature compensated VCO based on the same principles that make the CEM tick, but there's no way you're going to get it to fit in a DIL socket. I've been wondering about this myself. I think EMU build custom replacements for part of the final batch of their SP reissue when they ran out of filter chips.

It wouldn't be easy nor cheap to track one down though. That's this one: CEM VCF By the block diagram, does this chip look easily reverse engineerable through measurements taken on a known working original chip? By asserting various DC and transient levels on the input and monitoring the output pins, then produce a model based on that. No idea if anything is or becomes available in the portfolio of the 'semiconductor leg' of Behringer? Quote from: stickjam on September 20,PM.

Steve Jones Member Sydney Posts: Keeping my CS going is a bit of a job. Synthesizer technician Sydney Australia. A late reply, but perhaps it is of interest to someone: There are 2 ssm discrete clones availeable, one designed by J.

In the net there are at least 3 schematics for ssm clones floating around, 2 on J. Haibles site and the other by Rene Schmitz, also one from a japanese diy-synth site. I can provide the links but i don't have them here As a side note, there is one german manufacturer Schippmann who is going to release a discrete VCF module soon. His filters in the Ebbe und Flut are supposed to be some of the best sounding analog filters, would be nice to see a diy-project with his filters Greetings, Nils.If you use these, you support the website.

For all who believe Behringer would have been on the NAMM, wrong, they just take the name to introduce something. So, they were more on the BAMM. On the right show, however, the focus was on Korg ARP No synthesizer has ever generated so much interest during the synth. This is developed in collaboration with Rob Keeble and visually has little to do with the original. Visually, it will not be a 1 to 1 clone, i. Internally, according to Rob, it is a pure ARP replica based on the original circuits.

It is not known whether the developers have added new features or not. But in a new video, Rob Keeble confirmed that it will include both filter versions, the and On the orange, not gray style interface, you can see a reverb section that is probably also based on the original. No speakers probably for the BARP According to Rob Keeble, Behringer will show at Superbooth end of April the production unit of the Synthesizer.

cem3340 clone

So it may be possible to order the Behringer shortly thereafter. More information here: Behringer. Hardware Synthesizer News. NAMM News. Today both companies published good news about it. It will be available in June for […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact About Support Advertise with us. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Feeds. News Ticker.

Rack Format Visually, it will not be a 1 to 1 clone, i. Superbootb According to Rob Keeble, Behringer will show at Superbooth end of April the production unit of the Synthesizer. May 11, Synth Anatomy HardwareSynthesizers 0.

Drum Machines. August 13, Synth Anatomy HardwareSynthesizers 0. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Curtis chips integrated circuits made by Curtis Electromusic Specialties are a common component in vintage synths.

A comparison is achieved using the Oberheim OB-8 with half of its s replaced and setting the keyboard in dual mode. By assigning the same sound to both splits in dual mode, a comparison can be made by fading between both sounds using the program balance knob.

We are evaluating demand and are very interested in new designs that our chips might foster. The newer filters are slightly cleaner than the old ones, with the older one showing more harmonics on the first notes of the triangle wave than the second ones.

But only in the lower frequencies oddly. And this observation gets thrown out the window when he plays notes slightly higher, as the newer filter adds more harmonics than the old one. The jury is pretty much out for the Saw wave. I can hear the difference but the new chips are of more than acceptable quality. I will certainly be purchasing a set of these. The pursuit of synthesis should be based on sound quality and innovation not cheaper price points and lackluster uniformity. SSM and Curtis chips made it possible for companies to produce affordable polyphonic analog synths.

There was nothing bland about those instruments, but they were priced out of reach of most musicians. Polyphonic digital voice and filter chips from companies like E-mu and Ensoniq brought the price of samplers, romplers and digital synths down to the point that anyone could own them. As a result, we were inundated with unimaginative regurgitation of fairlight voice samples, orchestral hits and all manner of cliche string sounds.

None of this had anything to do with Curtis chips. The fact that people love the sound of Curtis-based instruments three decades later speaks to their quality. It the CEM is a building block. A stable and reliable one at that. Arguably the filters set a good bit more in the way of character - I preferred the CEM to the … but that is well understood by all. It is the VCO chips that tend to go out the most on these synths, which is why they are so sought after.

The best part is that many older synths will not be cannibalized for spare parts now, they may get repaired and played again. Skip to content. Great job calibrating the voices perfectly for an excellent comparison. Great news! I had to open a spectrum viewer to pinpoint any difference. There are no new filters.

The filters are the same old filters for everything you hear. These are new VCO chips only. Makes no sense whatsoever. I paid about 70 dollars a pop for a couple a year ago for a repair, well, the customer did. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Working on some PCBs to sell when all this is over.

This kit contains everything you need to build the module: a panel, upper and lower PCBs A high quality analogue VCO, with a pared-down circuit design comprised entirely of through-hole components. This kit contains everything you need to build the module: a panel, upper and lower PCBs, and all components.

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This module is designed around the amazing VCO chip. Its thin profile and shallow depth makes it perfect for a small performance rack, or a setup with multiple VCO modules. The module is compatible with the AS, CEM, or any clone chip with the same functionality and pin assignment. In my own experience, this doesn't make much difference to the functionality, because most patches will either only use one waveform from each VCO, or mix them together at customised levels via other modules.

Superbooth 2018: MS-101 revealed! Behringer own up to their SH-101 clone

The module buffers all the outputs, because otherwise the chip will not work correctly. Product: 5. Shipping: 5. Communication: 5. Brad Dec. Marc Dec. Matas Dec. London, London, United Kingdom.

We recognize our top users by making them a Tindarian. There isn't a selection process or form to fill out. Log In. This seller is on vacation. Please return after May 31, to purchase this awesome product! Join our mailing list and stay updated about pioneering hardware and Tindie community activities. More Info.Forgot your password? I have 7 CEMs for sale. All have been tested and work fine.

PM me if you're interested. You happen to have pin out diagrams? CEM datasheet. Wow I didn't realize the whole schematic is published! I haven't found the joke.

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I'm thick. That's because I thought you were making a veiled joke looking for the pin-outs. So now that we established you're interested in the pin-outs, I'm curious to know why. But I decided I'd have to have 2 for sync I have a whole bunch of left-over components I was thinking of using to build something terribly simple myself. Although sync would complicate matters or at least, as you said, make two VCO circuits required. You can probably email Cy at chipsforbrains to see how much two s would cost.

cem3340 clone

He's sold single or pairs of chips to me in the past for good prices. Speaking of, know anywhere I can find a few spare s?

Chips are important to me because I want to build a polysnyth. From the pinouts it's not really that hard to make modular components and I dont tend to like discrete clones myself. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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Why, yes! Originally posted by urbanscallywag.

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Originally posted by sizzlemeister. I was just bored and wanted to experiment with chips.Remember that dodgy image we saw ages ago with a woman in denim holding what looked like an SH except it had MS on the front? Turns out it was real all along. The Behringer onslaught continues with their long-awaited take on the classic Roland SH But more than that.

They added triangle wave because the CEM oscillator has a triangle wave, so why not include it. It sounds both as simple and as raw as the original and starts to get interesting in the video below once he kicks in the sequencer. The MS will be available in all the original colours and will come with a shoulder strap and the mod grip — yay!

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So, people, stop buying the Model D already. So this is either the most exciting time to be alive or the rape of the synthesizer industry depending on your point of view. For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled.

CEM3320 Filter designs

Approximate reading time: 1 Minute. Superbooth Behringer have brought along their TR clone. Behringer reveal first photo of the Pro-One Sequential Circuits clone. Notify of. If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.Like my SSM pagethis page is a look at how various synths implemented the CEM filter, with the datasheet design as a reference standard. In this respect, it is more like the earlier SSM The CEM equivalent of the SSM is probably the CEM, which is basically the same as thebut wired up as a dedicated lowpass filter, thereby saving a few pins.

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The datasheet makes what is actually a pretty straightforward circuit look really complicated by showing the chip with its pins numbered in order. This makes the whole thing a tangle, as the layout of the separate stages inside the filter is not at all logical. This circuit is simply a combination of the two above. The first two stages are set up as highpass filters, and the last two as lowpass filters. The Sequential Pro-One uses the filter in a circuit which is quite close to the datasheet.

They also use the virtual ground node at Pin 1 to sum signals from the two oscillators and the noise source. The filter capacitors have also been halved in value, which is going to raise the basic cutoff frequency of the filter by an octave. It seems from experiments that the plain datasheet lowpass circuit has a couple of characteristics you might want to avoid.

One of these is that the signal level when the filter is oscillating is much less at lower frequencies than at high frequencies. Adding a buffer like in the Pro-One notice it has a gain of x3.

The Oberheim OB-Xa is a quite extraordinary synth in that it has two filters, but only lets you use one at once, which means one filter is always entirely wasted. There is one filter for each response, and you can switch between the two.

Otherwise, it is much as the datasheet suggests. This is nothing like the datasheet! Instead, Oberheim have used the chip to implement a 2 pole state-variable filter. Stage 1 is only used to mix the signals. Stages 2 and 3 are the actual filter poles, and Stage 4 is unused. The Elka Synthex has probably the most sophisticated filter circuit built on the CEM to ever have been used commercially.

It uses analogue switches to reconfigure the circuit and provide a variety of responses. The first two stages both include a pair of analogue switches to enable them to switch between lowpass and highpass responses. The other switches select one of two output points, either after the first two stages, or after all four.

Three switches are used for this to allow some adjustment of output and feedback resistances. The overall structure is shown below. This structure can provide various responses, of which the four below are implemented in the Synthex.

SynthDIY CEM3340 VCO Oscillator inspired by LookMumNoComputer - Still not BETA

A 12dB lowpass filter could also be provided, as could a 18dB lowpass, combined with a 6dB highpass. We have the AS voltage-controlled filter chip available in the shop. The AS is a high performance voltage-controlled four-pole filter modelled after the CEM, with on-chip voltage-controllable resonance. The chip can be configured as an lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or all pass filter.

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The Resonance CV allows control of the resonance from zero to low distortion oscillation. For more demanding applications, further trimming can improve control voltage rejection. Each filter section is So true. You can only set up so many memory buffers in your mind, and after that it becomes inhuman to go for more, and possibly even counter-productive.


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