How wide is 275/70r18 in inches

Call for Availability Call for Availability. Mileage Warranty All-Season Tires. Review each tire's mileage warranty, load index, speed rating, and sidewall specifications to choose the right tire for your vehicle type and driving style.

Get a quote and schedule an installation appointment online today! Tire Size: Cross Section. Aspect Ratio. Rim Diameter. Get Tire Price. Unfortunately, the tires you chose do not fit your vehicle. Please see the tires below that will fit your vehicle. Please wait while we're getting your quote for tires.

Sale Only. Please call your local store for pricing Antioch, CA Show Full Disclaimer. Original equipment sizes are based on the best information currently available to us. Variations based on options or changes by the manufacturer may change the original equipment size on your vehicle. Replacement of tires with a speed rating less than the original equipment tires may reduce performance and handling.

NOTE: We make every effort to ensure that the following search results are up-to-date and accurately presented. If you have any questions regarding the correct product for your vehicle, please contact a Customer Service Advisor at your local store who will assist you in selecting the correct size. NOTE: Winter driving presents special challenges for vehicle mobility.

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The use of winter tires while improving traction performance in snow and ice — requires special care with regard to acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.The values shown are calculated measurements based on the p-metric formula. Actual advertised tire height and tread width will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer for specific p-metric tire sizes. All tires are required to have certain information molded into the side of the tire in a location known as the sidewall.

Some of the information is self explanatory while other information requires a little knowledge to decipher. The following will help you understand what this information means. Tire Type — This Defines the intended proper use of the tire. P indicates this is a passenger car tire while LT indicates the tire would be for a light truck with a heavier load rating.

Tire Width — This is the width of the tire measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. An example might be representing millimeters. To calculate the aspect ratio, multiple the first number e. Using the example numbers the tires aspect ratio would calculate as x.

This is the height of the rubber from rim to tread on one side of the tire. To convert the aspect ratio to a full tire height in inches, do this: Convert the above calculated tire height aspect ratio in millimeters to inches by multiplying the millimeters by. Then take the inches and multiply by two and add the rim size. Example: 5. Construction — This indicates how the how the tire was put together and will say much about the tires handling characteristics.

R indicates the tire is a radial type tire. For more information about what a radial is, click here. B indicates the tire is a bias ply type tire. For more information about bias ply type tires, click here.

Wheel Diameter — This is the width of the opening in the tire where it would be mounted to a wheel. This is measured from one bead across the opening to the other side of the same bead. This measurement is in inches and an example would be 15 and indicates that this tire is for a 15 inch rim, or wheel. Load Index — This is a number corresponds to the maximum load in pounds that a tire can support when properly inflated.

You will also find the maximum load in pounds and in kilograms molded elsewhere on the tire sidewall. Speed Rating — This is a number that corresponds to the maximum service speed for a tire.

See Chart for ratings. Note: Speed ratings are specific for passenger car tires and not light truck tires. Light truck tires LT are not speed rated. If you […]. This guide helps you understand the most commonly used terms related to wheels including wheel construction, wheel measurements, sizing, and spacing.

Offset: The distance from the centerline of the wheel to […]. Sipes are the small slots that are cut or molded into a tire tread surface.

These slots are meant to aid in increasing traction in snow, ice, mud, and wet road surfaces.They are made from high quality plastic, durable and resistant to all weather conditions.

Also, if you want to have your rims all colored differently, you can order four different rings. The rings are identical to the ones that come in sets. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the tire's section height to its section width and is sometimes referred to as the tire "series" IMAGE 1. The biggest variable is the tire's section width; a change of about 0.

The ratio between the section width and the rim width is pretty important. If the rim width is too narrow, you pinch the tire in and cause it to balloon more in cross-section. If the rim width is too wide, you run the risk of the tire ripping away at high speed. The 18 X7JJ part of that is the size of the wheel rim - in this case it has a depth of 7 inches and a diameter of 18 inches.

Those information you can find on each wheel outside or inside wheel. On most aftermarket wheels, they don't want to pollute the lines and style of the outside of the wheel with stamped-on information - it's more likely to be found inside the rim, or on one of the inner mounting surfaces. Given all the information above, you need to know one last thing.

how wide is 275/70r18 in inches

A rim that is too narrow in relation to the tire width will allow the tire to distort excessively sideways under fast cornering.

On the other hand, unduly wide rims on an ordinary car tend to give rather a harsh ride because the sidewalls have not got enough curvature to make them flex over bumps and potholes.

Also, if your tire is wider than the recommended size for your particular rim, the tire could lose some air. Rated 3. Example rim depth The 18 X7JJ part of that is the size of the wheel rim - in this case it has a depth of 7 inches and a diameter of 18 inches.

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Tire too wide or too narrow Given all the information above, you need to know one last thing.Im trying to figure this out to see what size i can fit on my 4x4 ram before i put a 2. Divide by To get height is a more complex formula. You have one good answer already, but the math is easy.

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Answer Save. REV B Lv 7. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: Tire sizes converted to inches? Im trying to figure this out to see what How do you think about the answers?

how wide is 275/70r18 in inches

You can sign in to vote the answer. It would be an 18 inch rim. That's what the third number is. FleetTech Lv 7.

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I think this is what you are looking for. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Increase the search radius for more results. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. Get an alert with the newest ads for " 70r18" in Winnipeg. MSRP generally excludes freight, applicable fees and taxes. MSRP has been provided for illustrative and general information purposes only. Dealers may sell for less; contact dealer for details. All rights reserved. Price to.

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Have 4 almost new Toyo all season tires. No leaks, no cracks, no patches. Text or call As seen in pictures. North Kildonan Area. Duramax rims and tires. Still has pressure sensors. Chrome has flacked off rims. Call or text Matte Black Finish Contra and Maverick. Selling Duractrac's. Brand new take offs. Nitro Trail Grappl. Please Contact. Brand New. Price and size listing below.

Prices very discounted and close to wholesale pricing. Limited supply available. We Have Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs available in a bunch of different sizes. These tires are top of the line and have a full winter rating on them as well. Great tire for the Manitoba Climate and they can be used all year around. Makes them one of the best tires on the market.Log in or Sign up. Toyota Tundra Forum. Welcome to Tundras. You are currently viewing as a guest!

To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Looking for suggestion on aftermarket rims Powdercoat the lug nuts? Ordered new wheels using OEM tires. Any input on the fit needed. What tire is good for highway use with emphasis on comfort? Opinions on Atturo??

Post Reply. RngrAug 14, I am a tad confused now. What would be required to run that set? Bare minimum i guess?

how wide is 275/70r18 in inches

TwinkyAug 14, Stock wheels, stock TRD Pro suspension, no spacers, etc. Nitto Terra Grapplers. KilosAug 14, ADS suspension - about 3. Atomic City TundraAug 14, Big J and equin like this. Anyone try this size on stock suspension with Goodyear Duratracs? Atomic City Tundra likes this. Atomic City TundraAug 15, Big Jequin and parker44 like this. Please post pics. SmokeyTTAug 18, Mikekoot likes this. I can't wait to get these stock wheels and tires off. Last edited: Oct 24, MikekootOct 23, SmokeyTTOct 27, I'm about to add 's, not sure if I'm going top or middle setting yet.He also represents some of the best value on the board.

Call it low risk, high reward. Carr has improved every season since entering the league in 2014. However, as with any quarterback, his MVP chances are directly tied to how well the Raiders play.

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