Yokohama bluearth es32

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Consumer Reviews. Best value tyres. Installed 4 Kumho PS31 without regrets. Done km thus far. Acceptable noise level, good wet grip. However, the tire does not squeak much during cornering. Wheel squeaks are easily provoked during stand still and provide some entertainment at CP ERP gantries.

Lateral grip is good and they seldom squeak, however for longitudinal grip, ABS is easily activated during semi-hard braking.

yokohama bluearth es32

Reviewed by Hachi. Value for money. However, side walls tend to be softer, can feel it when cornering. Was on Nexen Blue HD plus previously. Highly recommended if you aren't into famous brands. Reviewed by Optramagnum.Fully fitted price - Includes VAT, delivery, fitting, balancing and disposal charges.

Choose Your Tyre Size See all available sizes. Launched in Springthe Yokohama BluEarth ES32 is a car tyre, developed to deliver high levels of fuel efficiency. Yokohama have designed the BluEarth ES32 to provide a well balanced performance across four keys areas of a tyre's performance - wet grip, wear resistance, lifespan and fuel efficiency.

The BluEarth ES32 features a new tread design, with a wide square profile to help stabilise the performance of a car, even at high speeds. The strong grip, created by the tyre's unique tread pattern and rubber compound, ensures high levels of safety and a reliable braking performance. Yokohama have ensured a responsive performance from the tyre, thanks to the use of their specially created 'nano blend compound'.

This unique blend consists of a number of optimally balanced materials, including orange oil. This allows the tyre's rubber compound to remain pliant - resulting in an optimal contact area between tyre and road. Find out more. Profile e. Rim Size e. Speed Rating e. Unsure of your tyre size? Drive C. Drive 2 G. Drive S71A W. Drive VA W. Drive VB W. Drive V W. Drive WYGet a magic link sent to your email that will sign you in instantly! Email Magic Link. Login with username and password.

Login with a Magic Link. Diverse super low rolling resistance polymer fused with MICRO Silica makes tyre softer to have wider and stronger contact surface on wet and dry surfaces. Blend of deep lugs and sipes provide stability, water evacuation and anti-uneven wear.

This blend also helps in noise reduction. High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads. Simple and Powerful shoulder block design brings reliable grip and brilliant durability. It has best safety and environment features, those who consider these two factors important should consider purchasing this pattern tyre.

Orange Oil technology provides flexibility and improves its grip, which is one of the important factors when driving on wet surfaces.

BluEarth is also an environment-friendly tire. Three wide grooves structure running along the tyre keeps the vehicle on the right track. Water flows smoothly through the cuts of tread blocks when driving on wet roads hence you get increased grip, especially when applying emergency brakes and pulling away. Orange Oil compound increases the contact surface and plays an important role in maintaining flexibility. It also has significantly reduced noise.

The square and wide contact surface along with even contact pressure ensure better resistance to wear. Another great durable aspect is its minimal uneven wear. The nano BLEND compound has two surprisingly opposing attributes of increasing grip and excellent fuel saving.

When the vehicle is fully loaded its width can expand maximum upto milimetres mm. Lower ratio improves road grip, but it reduces comfort to some extent. R — refers to the method the tyre is produced. It indicates the radial structure of tyre cosntructed with steel wires. This number should be rememberd as it is the measurement of the rims.

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It has to match exactly to what is mentioned in the car manual. The labeling of the tire as per EU labeling standard. This tire has rolling resistance of class CWet Grip class is Band noise level is 68 db. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Want an easier way to login? Email Magic Link Or. Orange Oil Free Delivery in 2 Days Cash on Delivery.

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Submit a Review Report Error Share. Submit a Review Contact Merchant. Product Information. BluEarth-Es provides a well-balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tyre - wet grip, wear resistance, durability, and fuel efficiency.

It features a new tread pattern with a wide, square, powerful profile that delivers stable driving performance and safe handling. BluEarth-Es uses Yokohama Rubber's proprietary nano BLEND compound comprising various materials, including orange oil, which creates an optimal balance of high fuel efficiency, superior wet grip performance, and wear resistance.

The original orange oil makes the tyre's rubber more pliant, which results in an optimal contact area between tyre and road, thereby reducing uneven wear. The compound includes Orange Oil, which increases the contact surface and an agent to maintain flexibility. Long tread life and improved durability - High durability means more economical driving. The new profile creates a bold impression.

The square, wide contact surface and even contact pressure ensure better resistance to wear. It also helps minimise uneven wear. Enhanced fuel saving performance - The nano BLEND compound achieves the contradictory goals of increasing grip and offering excellent fuel-saving performance. Reliable driving with enhanced stability - Simple, functional and powerful new tread design. Wet grip, durability, wear resistance and significantly reduced noise.

It offers excellent results from all aspec It offers excellent results from all aspects. Latest Reviews. Unassuming tyres with decent performance. While the BluEarth series aren't synonymous with performance that would be reserved for Submit a review. Seller Information. Related Item for Sale. Powered by:.

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We are also your information hub for parkingroad taxcar insurance and calculating the cost of your car loan. Follow sgCarMart. Rated by 1 consumer Read. Yokohama BluEarth-RV Continental: years of progress. Review on Bridgestone Techno Sport.

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Need Advice on Tyres Change.Looking for a different Yokohama tyre? View the full Yokohama tyre range. Tyre not available? Please search again using either the registration lookup or tyre size look up below. Search by Registration Number. This pattern may be suitable as Original Equipment for a number of different car manufacturers.

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If you are unsure what the symbols mean within the tyre search results, please head over to our tyre symbols guide. Very good grip on cornering and quiet. None so far. Was this review helpful? Yes No 1 people found this review helpful. I live in a very rural environment and road surfaces are often poor with water lying on them.

yokohama bluearth es32

The roadholding and braking are really impressive. Yes No.

yokohama bluearth es32

Good value, excellent performance. I like the name of the tyre, how they look and that they contain orange oil. I would rate steering responsiveness 11 if I could. I've had this old but very well cared for car for 21 years and I can honestly say these are the best tyres I have had fitted. The road holding in both wet and dry conditions offer a confident drive with a smooth and quieter ride.

Yokohama Bluearth ES32

I would certainly recommend. Great tires! Considering I drive to and from work every single day. Just buy them! Excellent grip in the wet. Found handling fine in both wet and dry. Quality and Price. Rides well.Forum Blog Sell Cars Market. Forums Blogs Marketplace. Manage Ads. Interior Accessories. Engine Performance. Light Bulb. Related Service. Rim Accessories. Audio Parts. Exterior Grooming. Interior Grooming. Car Body Protection. Car Care Products. Maintenance Parts. Short-Term Rental.

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Yokohama BluEarth ES-32

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yokohama bluearth es32

Car Camera. Multimedia Player.We recommend buying tyres in pairs. Find out more. Established inYokohama is the oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan. Producing over 70 million units each year, Yokohama is an acknowledged leader in high performance tyres. The tyre has enhanced wet and dry grip while also saving money on fuel performance. It also has a long tread life and durability to keep you on the road for longer.

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